In this month’s issue, @ The Coalface takes a tour of our engineering facility and Managing Director Peter Burgess talks about our company values, world-class technology and more.

Referring to our recent Australian first of successfully grinding the bearing journals of a Cat C175 crankshaft, @ The Coalface captures our approach to innovating using world-class technology.

Teterin Engineering specialises in reconditioning of large industrial engines, particularly for the mining industry, and they have built their reputation on being leaders in innovation and employing new technology. Most recently, they have achieved another first for the Australian industry when they reconditioned the bearing journals of a Cat C175 crankshaft utilising their 4.6m CNC Crankshaft Grinder – the only machine of its type in Australia.

Teterin also boasts a one of a kind Cylinder Head Machinery Centre (CMC), along with other computer controlled machining centres, many of which have been uniquely customised.

@ The Coalface – December 2020

Reflecting on the benefits that this technology provides for our customers, Peter Burgess points to improved turnaround times, quality, and the impact on the bottom line.

Our new CNC Crankshaft Grinder and our other computer controlled machining centres help us to significantly improve the turnaround time of our jobs so that our customers can get their equipment back into operation and production faster, and with the confidence that the quality has been built into the machinery.

Peter Burgess – Managing Director

Teterin’s equally important investment in our people is also a focus of the article, including our annual intake of 3-4 apprentices and our commitment to continually train and upskill our workforce.

It’s a core part of who we are that we take seriously. At the heart of our business are our employees. We ensure that their knowledge and expertise continue to grow and that our employees pass along those skills and knowledge as we go through the generations.

Peter Burgess – Managing Director

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