In another first for Australian industry, Teterin Engineering has reconditioned the bearing journals of a Cat C175 crankshaft.

The Cat C175 diesel engine stands at around 2.5m tall and weighs over 10.5 tonnes. Its uses range from powering the mammoth Cat 797F mining truck to locomotive and passenger-class ships, as well as power generation.

These engines are becoming an increasingly frequent sight at Newcastle’s Teterin Engineering, which specialises in reconditioning and rebuilds of large industrial diesel and gas engines for customers across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. However, until recently, the grinding of C175 crankshaft journals had never been undertaken in Australia.

Utilising Teterin’s 4.6m CNC Crankshaft Grinder – the only machine of its type in Australia – the C175 crankshaft bearing journals were reconditioned with precision and the engine is now successfully back in service.

“We invest heavily in our people and the technology they use, as evidenced with our new CNC Crankshaft Grinder. This machine and our other computer controlled machining centres help us to significantly improve the turnaround time of our jobs, so that our customers can get their equipment back into operation and production faster, with the confidence that the quality has been built into the machinery.”

Peter Burgess – Managing Director

Teterin’s CNC Crankshaft Grinder has capacity for crankshafts of up to 4.6m in length and 3 tons in weight, with a maximum journal diameter of 275mm. The Ultimate in Precision.