Teterin management has recognised and responded to the need to provide additional in-house training to promising young tradesmen and senior apprentices.

The training has been designed to address identified needs specific to Teterin’s business and our employees and has involved Forsythes Training to prepare a tailored course at Certificate III level, which acts as an introduction to our ‘Frontline Management’ course.

“We have paid particular attention to making this course interesting and relevant to Teterin’s business. By including the Teterin Policies, procedures and methods of running our compliance systems, we have made the course much more interesting and it has been an excellent way to train our up and coming future leaders.”

Peter Burgess – Managing Director

The course has been named the Teterin ‘Step-Up’ training and contains modules in: Applying Risk Management Processes, Communicate Information, Contribute to Team Effectiveness, and Support the Operational Plan. All course modules include Teterin-specific information, such as safety procedures, quality procedures and operations planning.

The course attendees were: John-Paul Beguin, Cameron Perry, Ryan Murray and Hennie Bissett.

“The step up program was well presented, in an easy to digest format with both theory and practical application. I liked the comprehensive coverage of material and the instructor, who communicated effectively in an understandable way. From this course I now have better communication skills and a better understanding of Corporate operations, Operation charts and levels of operation within the company.“

Hennie Bissett – Course Attendee

On 12 December 2012 the trainees were presented with their training certificate from Forsythes which recorded that they had successfully passed the Step-Up Training course.

“The Step-Up program was run really well and was set out in a way which made each topic easy to understand and relate to. This program was a real eye opener into just how much planning goes into running a business and showed how much more goes on outside of the workshop floor. I think all who participated benefited greatly from the program.”

John-Paul Beguin – Course Attendee

The course is a new innovation for Teterin and it has been a great success, giving attendees the opportunity to understand that there is much more that goes into personnel management, planning and leadership.

“The most pleasing thing is to see them actually applying the techniques they have learned by writing Work Instructions and conducting Tool Box Talks for safety. The boys’ have really responded to the opportunity and is an excellent stepping stone for them to do the Frontline Management course next year”.

Peter Burgess – Managing Director