Recently Teterin was contacted by a national gas producer with a technical problem which was costing the company an estimated $60,000 per day while ever their gas compressors were not operational.

The gas compressors are GE ‘Gemini’ compressors which pump natural gas from Central Australia.

After careful analysis of the issues with the compressor components, Teterin found the solution and planned the work in a manner which minimised the time to deliver the components back to the remote Queensland facility in time to allow for the reassembly, installation and recommissioning.

The work was undertaken by Teterin on an ‘around the clock – breakdown basis’. The delivery to site of the first component was made within 3 days and the final component delivered 7 days from receiving the go-ahead.

Our customer was thrilled with the turnaround time and support received from Teterin, expressing their appreciation in an email:

“We much appreciate your excellent delivery, comms and support here!”

A special thanks to the Teterin Team, who went above and beyond to get our customer back in business.

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