Our initial response when John McNaughton of Rotary Newcastle requested a tour of Teterin at its Islington workshop was “of course, but why?”

It soon became clear that Rotary Newcastle members are very interested in what is happening to industry in our city, and while the members were aware of Teterin they wanted to know more about what the company actually does.

Teterin divided the group of 17 Rotary visitors into 4 groups, which were shown the operations of the state-of-the-art machine tools being operated by Teterin employees for our customers. The demonstration of the CNC machine tools and the CNC CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) proved to be of great interest to the visitors.

The Rotary visitors were from quite diverse professional backgrounds including Professor of Medicine at UoN, Doctor of Medicine, Surveyor, Engineers, safety consultant and community services. A common reaction to the work performed by Teterin was general amazement at the size and quality of the jobs, the tolerances, the safety performance, the orderliness and cleanliness of the engineering works and the contribution Teterin has made to improving engine performance and reliability for our customers.

“It has been particularly pleasing to showcase Teterin to the members of Rotary Newcastle. The interest shown and the detailed questions from the groups was very pleasing as it is clear everyone got a lot out of the visit and left with a much greater appreciation and respect for the capabilities of enterprises in Newcastle, and specifically for Teterin’s capabilities and contributions to projects of National importance.

Peter Burgess – Managing Director, Teterin Engineering

The level of interest shown by the Rotary visitors meant the tour took 3 hours to complete and was followed by light refreshments and words of thanks and appreciation from the president of Rotary Newcastle.

I was very proud of our employees, several of whom were 3rd year apprentices and gave up their personal time to assist the company with the Rotary visit. While operating their machines, they were able to explain in detail how the machines worked, what they were doing and importantly, why they were doing it. Teterin places great emphasis on training all employees to be skilful operators of all machinery and capable engine builders in the workshop and on-site”.

Peter Burgess – Managing Director, Teterin Engineering