In an Australian first, the team recently refurbished a CAT 3612 Gas Engine Block. The 3612 series CAT engines are very large at 5m long, 3.5m high and weighing about 25 tonnes when fully assembled, generating 3,600bhp.

Such work can only be completed by highly trained engineers using specialised machines – big enough to handle large-scale projects, and accurate enough to meet precise specifications. Teterin Engineering is recognised internationally for its high calibre engineers and capability to perform precision work on large engines and machinery.

Teterin Engineering Managing Director, Peter Burgess, said recent heavy investments into plant and equipment has put the local business at the forefront of large engine block machining.

“Our machinery allows us to deliver capacity and capability that would not otherwise be available in South East Asia and positions us well to service the growing gas industry in Australia where large series engines, such as the CAT 3600 series, are commonly used,”

Peter Burgess – Managing Director

The job required returning the cylinder bores to their original specifications by the insertion and sizing of upper and lower liner fits and machining of both decks.

Business Development Manager, Tony Fox, said the team had to work collaboratively with the manufacturer to establish the correct method for the repair.

“We are very proud of the job we produced and the engine is now back in operation at the Queensland gas fields, producing,”

Tony Fox – Business Development Manager