Who We Are

What Sets Us Apart

Engineering Excellence

Industry leadership in safety, quality and environment are embedded in our management systems and influence everything that we do. We are continuously improving our systems and engaging with our employees  to achieve zero harm, zero environmental incidents and greater value for our customers.


Committed, empowered and technically competent people are the foundations of Teterin Engineering. This asset has enabled us to build a strong company reputation hinged upon our ability to produce world-class standards of quality using our team’s skills, efficiency and innovative thinking.


Teterin has focussed on being the ISO standard benchmark company in the industry. With this focus on safety and business integrated management systems the company has created a culture that all employees practice safe work procedures and are committed to the principle of ZERO HARM. The company culture also applies to the Teterin Integrated Management System and ERP system which has become ‘the way we work at Teterin’. It is this focus on striving for perfection in everything we do that makes Teterin the Industry benchmark and why our customers continue to support Teterin to grow and Teterin continues to give our customers exceptional value-for-money.

 Continuous improvement

 Our objective is to create value for our customers and the company. The company is successfully creating value when we     are meeting, and desirably exceeding, our management system performance measures.


 Outstanding operational performance underpins Teterin’s strategic plan and continues to deliver strong growth,       characterised by our performance on quality, on-time delivery and creating value for our customers.

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We are diesel engineering specialists with a focus on health and safety, quality and innovation.

Get In Touch

Head Office - Newcastle
Teterin Engineering Pty Limited
Cnr Clyde & Girling Streets
PO Box 123 NSW 2296 Australia
+61 (0) 2 4969 0777


Teterin Engineering reconditions large crankshafts, conrods, diesel, marine and gas cylinder heads and cylinder blocks up to 6000mm long. We also provide engine assembly, testing, repairs and rebladding.

Service Exchange

As a NATA-accredited recognised service facility (RSF), Teterin Engineering supplies machining, reconditioning and coding services for engines, cylinder heads, turbochargers and manifold components used in underground ExDES protected mining vehicles. See more information on our service exchange here.