Our Work

Teterin Engineering has provided quality engineering and diesel engineering services since 1947. We are proud to work in partnership with our clients to provide value, reliable and on-time delivery in engine rebuilding, reconditioning, field service, service exchange engines and components. Teterin works with customers throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Teterin Engineering helps customers reduce operating costs because we work closely with them to understand their business. From the most basic repair through to complete engine rebuilds, our commitment to customer success is underpinned by our readiness, our knowledge and our quality services. Download our Engine Reconditioning Capability statement here.


 Engine Rebuilds

Teterin specialises in rebuilding diesel engines (Cat, MTU and other well-known brands) for mining, marine and power generation applications. Gas engines (Jenbacher, MWM and other brands) used for power generation are rebuilt at Teterin and commissioned on-site in conjunction with Teterin’s Joint Venture company Cirrus Power Systems (link to CPS web site).

Explosion Protected Diesel Engine Rebuilds – EX DES.

Teterin is the industry leader and industry standard for the overhaul and rebuilding of EX DES engines used in underground mining with gaseous atmospheres.



Engine Component Reconditioning

For those customers who choose to dismantle and rebuild engines in-house, Teterin provide a high-quality and speedy turnaround of  reconditioned engine components. Engine components can be engine crank case (block), crankshaft, connecting rods (conrods), cylinder heads and any number and type of auxiliary components (radiator fans, pump housings, gears, manifolds).



Service Exchange

We understand our customers in mining and power generation have production and service commitments which need to be up-held. Teterin’s engine component service exchange program is tailored to provide critical engine components such as specialised crankshafts (CAT 3516HD) and engine blocks (CAT Ex DES, CAT, MTU - long and short) available to minimise delays to our customers production.




Technical Support – Critical and Complex Engineering

As the industry leader, Teterin is frequently involved with customers who want greater reliability with lower through-life costs from their engines.  Teterin  works collaboratively with the customer to design technical solutions which extend the life of engine components and improve the reliability of engines performing critical and complex operations. On other occasions, Teterin has been tasked to undertake Research and Development and feasibility trials on first-in-country reconditioning of complex and critical sub-sea engine blocks and associated components.



Field Service & Insitu Machining

The field service group are available to perform routine maintenance to diesel engines in the field and also break-down maintenance where time is of the essence. The field service group are some of our most knowledgeable and skilled employees. They have all the necessary site safety inductions, insurances and operate from fully equipped service vehicles many of which are 4WD. The field service group are available on-call at any time and operate through-out NSW, Queensland and nationally according to the demand for specialised diesel engine field service.

Insitu machining is also a key competency that Teterin Engineering provides. Teterin Engineering’s ability to offer insitu machining of large diesel and gas engine cylinder blocks enable In-Frame engine rebuilds to be done to a much higher standard, reducing operational risk moving forward by getting the engine back into service quicker with greater reliability.   

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We are diesel engineering specialists with a focus on health and safety, quality and innovation.

Get In Touch

Head Office - Newcastle
Teterin Engineering Pty Limited
Cnr Clyde & Girling Streets
PO Box 123 NSW 2296 Australia
+61 (0) 2 4969 0777


Teterin Engineering reconditions large crankshafts, conrods, diesel, marine and gas cylinder heads and cylinder blocks up to 6000mm long. We also provide engine assembly, testing, repairs and rebladding.

Service Exchange

As a NATA-accredited recognised service facility (RSF), Teterin Engineering supplies machining, reconditioning and coding services for engines, cylinder heads, turbochargers and manifold components used in underground ExDES protected mining vehicles. See more information on our service exchange here.